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Some other companies out there want you to do all of the leg work.  They expect you to spend your valuable time telephoning or e-mailing several service providers to obtain multiple quotes and of course, they'll also require written proof, which is easier said than done.  Once you've done all of this, they say they'll match the best price you've been offered!

Car Scrap Sydney is different- we won't try to pull the wool over your eyes by trying to offer the lowest amount possible.  In fact, we guarantee to find you the best price being offered for your old car, from all participating recycling centres within the Car Scrap Sydney network, first time- every time.

We'd like you to know that Car Scrap Sydney recycling centres compete on a local as well as a national level, both with other recycling centres within the Car Scrap Sydney network as well as that outside. And although prices fluctuate constantly in line with the worldwide demand for the metal, the price we quote will be guaranteed for 7 days.

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