Customers Feedback

At Car Scrap Sydney, we strive to provide the best customer service that we possibly can. Here's some of our customer's feedback:

RatingToday 09:13 - Mrs. Angela Challis, Gateshead

Easy to use, clear information

RatingYesterday 23:54 - Mr. Shaun Betchley, High Wycombe

Very helpful and easy to communicate with staff for help.

RatingYesterday 12:22 - Mr. Ben Skerritt, Melton Mowbray

Easy to follow.

Rating April 21, 2021 - Mrs. Sheena Beaton, Inverness

Easy to use and instant quote.

Rating April 10, 2021 - Mr. Craig Broddle, Market Harborough

Straight-forward and easy to use.

Rating March 16, 2021 - Miss Lauren Smith, Dunstable

Easy to navigate.

Rating March 1, 2021 - Mr. Peter Fishwick, Witham


Rating February 24, 2021 - Mr. Sean Bond, Preston

Easy to do and a good quote.

Rating January 7, 2021- Mr. Robert Steadman, Tamworth

Easy online process and easy to obtain quotes.

Rating December 20, 2020 - Mr. Daniel Mcdonald, Plymouth

It's an excellent service and I recommend it to people that I know.

Rating November 25, 2020 - Ms. Chizoba Howa, Nottingham

It's easy to fill out details.

Rating October 18, 2020 - Mrs. Kerry Shaw, Biggleswade

Quick, easy, and done late at night, so I didn't have to wait for the company to open.

Rating October 4, 2020 - Mr. Richard Fewkes, Sheffield

The ease by which this can be arranged.

Rating September 16, 2020 - Mr. Richard cartridge, Leicester

Last time was really easy and quick, that's why I am using your company again.

Rating September 1, 2020 - Miss Nikki Mockett, Peterborough

Easy, collection service.

Rating January 3, 2021 - Mr. Bruno Vinson

Best customer service I have ever encountered.

Rating February 17, 2021 - Mr. Tyler McNeil

Gave me a smooth and hassle-free service.

Rating June 20, 2021 - Miss Maxwell Wenham

Employees are very approachable and kind to clients.

Rating December 2, 2021 - Miss Gabriela Johnson

Great service! Easy to fill out the forms.

Rating December 21, 2021 - Mr. Alden Scott

Excellent service!

Rating January 3, 2022 - Miss Trixie Fajardo

Clear information. Fast process.

Rating January 19, 2022 - Mr. Paul Guiverra

Excellent service very professional from quote to collection.