Questions to consider when choosing where to recycle your car

You should be wary of unscrupulous companies who try to trick you into thinking that scrap cars have no value.

The value of scrap metal fluctuates in line with worldwide demand for steel. The costs of processing, and if you need us to collect your car, the distance travelled and time taken, will reduce the amount that can be paid to you. At present, most scrap cars have a value, even when collected. To value your scrap car click here.

Not all companies that accept scrap cars hold the required licences which means they are operating illegally. Choosing one of these companies would leave you at risk of identity theft and could mean that you are unknowingly supporting metal theft. All CarTakeBack scrap car recycling centres are licensed by the environment agencies and, in England and Wales, the relevant Local Authority.

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Being recommended by reputable organisations speaks volumes.

CarTakeBack has been approved by the car makers to act as their exclusive scrap car recycler in the UK, so you can rest assured that we’ll treat you and your car to a professional standard.

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Watch out for anyone who tries to offer you a phony certificate or who offers to send your V5C registration document to DVLA for you. Without the DVLA being informed, your car won’t be deregistered correctly meaning that you’ll have to continue paying road tax and your car may end up back on the road without your consent.

If your car is to be scrapped, CarTakeBack will send you an official DVLA Certificate of Destruction in line with the regulations, removing your car from DVLA’s database permanently, so it can’t be returned to the road. Reuse is the purest form of recycling and so, on occasion, it may be more environmentally responsible to reuse your car instead of scrapping it. In these circumstances the operator will help you complete section V5C/3 of your V5C registration certificate for you to send to DVLA. Whichever recycling method is chosen by the operator buying your vehicle, the DVLA will be informed and you will no longer be responsible for it.

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If you hand over your car to an unlicensed company, how can you be sure that the waste oils, tyres and batteries will be disposed of correctly and not just dumped in ditches or tipped down the drain?

All CarTakeBack scrap car recycling centres are regularly audited to ensure that scrap cars are treated legally and without any harm to the environment.

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Some companies cheat the law and don’t bother to meet the recycling rates set by the regulations. This gives them an unfair advantage as they make more money at the expense of the environment.

All scrap cars processed by CarTakeBack are recycled in line with the EU targets so you can rest assured that you’ll be doing your bit.