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Car Scrap Sydney makes it easy for you to recycle your scrap car. Simply tell us the location and registration of the car you wish to scrap and we'll find you the best prices offered throughout our nationwide network of 300 scrap car recycling centres.

You'll receive your quote instantly, so there's no need for you to waste time trawling the internet or waiting by phone.

Your online quotation includes a selection of local scrap car recycling centres for you to choose from. And if you're unable to deliver your scrap car to us, you can arrange a convenient time for us to collect it from you.

Your DVLA Certificate of Destruction

If your car is to be scrapped, once your car has arrived on-site, we will issue a Certificate of Destruction using our secure online link to the DVLA vehicle registration database. This can be done while you wait, or we can send it instantly via e-mail or post to an address of your choice.

Certificate of Destruction

It is a now a legal requirement for all scrap cars to be issued with an official DVLA Certificate of Destruction when they reach the end of their useful life.

Did you know that...

The Certificate of Destruction can only be issued by Authorized Treatment Facilities which have been approved by DVLA.

The Certificate of Destruction is the only form of document recognized by DVLA as proof that a car has been destroyed at an Authorized Treatment Facility.

If you scrap your car without obtaining an official Certificate of Destruction you could be fined by DVLA, or even worse, if your car ends up being returned to the road by an unscrupulous operator you could face prosecution if it is later used for criminal activity.

When you choose Car Scrap Sydney to recycle your scrap car we will issue you with a DVLA Certificate of Destruction, using our secure online link to the DVLA's vehicle registration database. We can issue your certificate as soon as your car has arrived on-site while you wait, or we can send it to you by e-mail or post to an address of your choice.

If your car is scrapped there is no need to contact DVLA yourself as Car Scrap Sydney does everything for you, giving you complete peace of mind.

We're fully licensed

Every scrap car recycling centre holds relevant licenses. Firstly all of our recycling centres are licensed by the environment agencies to recycle scrap cars in accordance with The Australian Design Rules (ADRs). And more recently, the introduction of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 requires all Car Scrap Sydney recycling centres in Australia to be licensed by the relevant Local Authority as a scrap metal dealer. So, you can trust Car Scrap Sydney to recycle your car responsibly without any repercussions for you.

Your car will be recycled

All scrap cars are recycled to the highest standards. So your old car could be recycled into any number of new products and who knows, it may even be made into a new car! Reuse is the purest form of recycling and, on occasion, it may be more environmentally responsible for the operator to work on your car to keep it on the road a while longer.

Scrap Car Recycling

At Car Scrap Sydney, we pride ourselves on our approach to protecting the environment and actively encourage responsible disposal of scrap cars. If your car is scrapped by us it will be depolluted to the highest possible standards and you will be issued with a DVLA certificate of destruction. Reuse is the purest form of recycling and, on occasion, it may be more environmentally responsible for the operator to work on your car to keep it on the road a while longer. If this is the case the operator will help you to complete the paperwork for you to send to the DVLA to transfer responsibility for the car.

Only when cars have undergone this treatment process, can the car shells be processed at metal recycling facilities. Traditionally only the metal has been recovered due to its value, however, in order to meet the higher recycling rates required by the regulations, the glass and plastic material, which used to end up as landfill, is now separated for recycling.

Unfortunately, despite severe penalties, not all businesses have this respect for the law and continue to put our environment at risk.

All Car Scrap Sydney scrap car recycling centres bear the 'Recycling Compliance Seal' to demonstrate their compliance. Find out more about the Recycling Compliance Certification scheme »

When you choose Carscrapsydneyto recycle your scrap car to the highest standards, you can feel proud that you are doing your bit to help protect the environment »

We're trusted by the car makers

Car Scrap Sydney provides peace of mind and don't just take our word for it. For 7 years running we have been the official partner to the car makers, providing scrap car recycling services in their name.

Our customers love us

Car Scrap Sydney is also the preferred partner for many well-respected organizations in both the public and private sectors such as The Insolvency Service, the police and British Car Auctions. Take a look at some of the feedback that we've received from thousands of satisfied customers »

We're here to help

Our customer service team is always on hand to guide you through the scrap car recycling process. If you have any queries and you can't find the answer on our Frequently Asked Questions page, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail, live online support or by phone.

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