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At Car Scrap Sydney, we strive to provide the best customer service that we possibly can. Here’s what some of our customers have to say.

RatingToday 14:47 – Mrs Margaret Parry, Kidderminster

Fast and friendly service.

RatingToday 13:54 – Mr Kingsley Simmons, Leeds

Straightforward and no hassle

RatingToday 12:25 – Mr David Casey, Scunthorpe

Easy online application was very simple, step by step instruction and a reasonable price.

RatingToday 12:19 – Ms Jane Pitcher, Birmingham


RatingToday 09:46 – Ms Allison McQueen-Luzar, High Wycombe

Nice and simple

RatingToday 09:13 – Mrs Angela Challis, Gateshead

Easy to use, clear information

RatingYesterday 23:54 – Mr Shaun Betchley, High Wycombe

Very helpful and easy to communicate with staff for help.

RatingYesterday 23:24 – Mrs Susan Davis, Diss

Easy and quick service. No hassle

RatingYesterday 22:20 – Mr Stephen McNicholls, Manchester

Extremely easy to use

RatingYesterday 20:08 – Ms Gabriella Collard, London

Clear and reassuring.

RatingYesterday 19:26 – Mr David Howell, Grantham

Very easy to use & understand.

RatingYesterday 16:28 – Mr Phil Corbett, Leicester

Instant quote.

RatingYesterday 15:45 – Mr Richard Clegg-Smith, Addlestone

Good site. Easy to use.

RatingYesterday 15:21 – Mr David Turner, Bournemouth

Quick and easy.

RatingYesterday 15:05 – Mr Paul Dickson, Prestonpans

Quick, easy and value for money.

RatingYesterday 14:05 – Mr Yaseen, Blackburn

Quick and easy.

RatingYesterday 13:20 – Mr Stewart Pritchard, Cupar

Ease of use.

RatingYesterday 12:30 – Mr Tom Conway, Newport

Easy to use.

RatingYesterday 12:23 – Mr Robert Manley, Leatherhead


RatingYesterday 12:22 – Mr Ben Skerritt, Melton Mowbray

Easy to follow.

RatingYesterday 11:22 – Mrs Sheena Beaton, Inverness

Easy to use and instant quote.

RatingYesterday 11:21 – Mr Luke Lount, Selby

Very easy.

RatingYesterday 10:21 – Mr Craig Broddle, Market Harborough

Straight-forward and easy to use.

RatingYesterday 10:11 – Mr Ken Taylor, Stonehaven

Easy to use.

RatingYesterday 10:10 – Ms Mmamphuthi Mokhali, Durham

It’s an easy process.

RatingYesterday 09:49 – Mr Paul Davenport, Canvey Island

Clear concise website.

RatingYesterday 09:34 – Mr Nathan Payne, High Wycombe

Quick and easy to use.

RatingYesterday 09:03 – Miss Lauren Smith, Dunstable

Easy to navigate.

RatingYesterday 08:57 – Mr Gordon Fraser, Haddington

Very Good.

RatingYesterday 00:22 – Mr Simon Cavalieri, Peterborough

Quick quote.

RatingMonday 22:27 – Mr Tim Hand, Leighton Buzzard

As the saying goes, it does what it says on the tin.

RatingMonday 21:56 – Mr Andrew McLaughlin, Glasgow

Ease of website.

RatingMonday 21:05 – Mr Nicholas Dempsey, London

Great last time.

RatingMonday 20:58 – Mrs Fernanda Degli Esposti, Bracknell

Very helpful and accommodating.

RatingMonday 20:56 – Mr Peter Fishwick, Witham


RatingMonday 19:41 – Mr Sean Bond, Preston

Easy to do and a good quote.

RatingMonday 19:21 – Mr Robert Steadman, Tamworth

Easy online process.

RatingMonday 19:03 – Miss Kelly Moores, Manchester

Easy to use and no hassle. Good value for money and I’m a repeat customer.

RatingMonday 18:47 – Ms Elizabeth MacInnes, Glasgow

Clear instructions.

RatingMonday 16:57 – Miss Libby Schembri, Slough

Simple and easy to use website.

RatingMonday 16:17 – Mr Brian Clark, Hayes

Easy to use, quick quotes.

RatingMonday 15:42 – Mrs Barbara Taylor, Braintree

Easy to obtain quote.

RatingMonday 15:17 – Mr Andrew Mondey, Portsmouth

Easy to follow

RatingMonday 14:54 – Mr Tony Jones, Littleborough

Good quote

RatingMonday 14:46 – Miss Lyndsey Mackay, Leicester

Easy, simple, convenient.

RatingMonday 13:53 – Mr Stephen Waters, Ely

Easy to use.

RatingMonday 13:14 – Mr Tom Morton, Ayr

Simple and quick.

RatingMonday 12:59 – Mr Andrew Pilcher, Birchington

Clear answers when I phoned with a query.

RatingMonday 12:53 – Mrs Helen Aspey, Wigan

Easy and quick

RatingMonday 12:05 – Mr Ian Johnson, Sutton-in-Ashfield

Good service and easy to use.

RatingMonday 12:03 – Mr Daniel Mcdonald, Plymouth

It’s an excellent service and I recommend to people that I know.

RatingMonday 11:57 – Ms Chizoba Howa, Nottingham

It’s easy to fill out details.

RatingMonday 11:01 – Mr Nigel Ball, Oswestry

Quick and efficient.

RatingMonday 09:30 – Mr W Mawson,

I found this process, from start to finish, to be completely hassle-free and very professional.

RatingMonday 09:10 – Mr Sean Bell, Maidstone

Easy to use and quick.

RatingMonday 08:37 – Mr James Phillips, Bromley

Easy to get a quote.

RatingMonday 08:28 – Mrs Kerry Shaw, Biggleswade

Quick, easy and done at late at night, so I didn’t have to wait for the company to open.

RatingSunday 23:01 – Mrs Susan Saxelby, Derby

Very quick and easy.

RatingSunday 22:33 – Miss Laura Edwards, Preston

Very easy to use and clear.

RatingSunday 22:14 – Mr Richard Fewkes, Sheffield

The ease by which this can be arranged.

RatingSunday 20:57 – Mrs Ivy Cosby, St. Ives

Brilliant online service.

RatingSunday 20:04 – Mr Micah Watkis, London

Easy to use website.

RatingSunday 19:59 – Mr Richard cartridge, Leicester

Last time was really easy and quick, that’s why I am using your company again.

RatingSunday 18:56 – Miss Nikki Mockett, Peterborough

Easy, collection service.

RatingSunday 17:11 – Mr Jason Edwards, Dundee

Instant answers.

RatingSunday 14:55 – Mr Michael Smith, Sheffield

Easy to use.

RatingSunday 13:58 – Mr Richard Mcgill, Deeside

Easy to use website and good prices.

RatingSunday 10:06 – Ms Julie Fudge, Taunton

Very easy to use.

RatingSunday 09:35 – Mrs Abbe Townsend, Torpoint

Easy online arrangements.

RatingSunday 08:16 – Mr George Yiakoumi, London

Easy to use website and process seems straightforward.

RatingSunday 08:13 – Mr Hashim Ali, London

Prompt deal without asking first for details.

RatingSunday 00:58 – Mr Olufemi Daramola, Romford

Speed and quick quote.

RatingSaturday 23:06 – Ms Kerry Walker, Coalville

How quick you get the quote.

RatingSaturday 22:12 – Mrs Jane Leppard, Tadworth

Having used you before you are quick in arranging a date and time for pick up and everyone is so polite and courteous.

RatingSaturday 19:21 – Mr Andrew Gabbitass, Holmfirth

Quick and simple.

RatingSaturday 18:13 – Mr Lawrence Meredith, Hengoed

Fast and very professional.

RatingSaturday 18:06 – Mrs Elaine Harper, Gillingham

Easy to use, immediate quote.

RatingSaturday 16:20 – Miss Karen Backhouse, Liverpool

Easy to use website, flexible on collection.

RatingSaturday 13:58 – Mr Martin Harrison, Plymouth

Excellent service

RatingSaturday 13:44 – Mrs Grazyna Gurdziel, Chesham

Fast and easy.

RatingSaturday 10:10 – Mr Martin Shaw, Diss

Fast response on web.

RatingSaturday 09:05 – Miss Brooke Baxter, Sheerness

Fast and easy

RatingSaturday 09:01 – Mrs Tayysba Nosheen, London

Its easy to understand and convenient.

RatingSaturday 08:35 – Mr Ray Guidice, Cranleigh

Simple and easy

RatingFriday 20:44 – Ms L Anderson, Larbert

Easy to follow instructions

RatingFriday 19:46 – Mrs Lindsay Campbell, Coatbridge

Easy to get a quote

RatingFriday 19:19 – Mr Steven Whyte, Paisley

It was fast and easy.

RatingFriday 16:45 – Mr James Rodgers, Rochdale

Easy and fast service

RatingFriday 15:51 – Mr John Morgan, Newport

Very easy

RatingFriday 15:09 – Mr Keith Wright, Reading

Easy to use

RatingFriday 13:51 – Mr Rod francis, Harrow

Good sevice

RatingFriday 13:33 – Miss Catriona McCallum, Purley

Live online chat.

RatingFriday 13:31 – Miss Olivia Smith, Swindon

Quick and easy

RatingFriday 12:05 – Mr Gary Payne, Woodbridge

Quick and easy. Very straightforward.

RatingFriday 10:34 – Mr Peter Kilshaw, Prescot

Very easy to use

RatingFriday 10:12 – Mr Christopher Murray, Twickenham

Very good

RatingFriday 10:02 – Mr Jason Dyer, Cockermouth

Easy to use website.

RatingFriday 10:02 – Mrs Sally Pettit, Chippenham

Quick easy hassle free

RatingFriday 08:23 – Mr Harold Bryan, Newport

It was so easy to do

RatingFriday 06:18 – Mrs Bethanie Shaw, Mansfield

It’s quick an easy